With HPCS, every Shipping Company will be able to create an Electronic Delivery Order to Free Zone Administrator or Customs Warehouse. Electronic Delivery Order can be created either by posting the required details on the HPCS Website or by using interface ( Web Service Interface).

The minimum required data to create an Electronic Delivery Order will be the details of the Holder of Delivery Order, except the Electronic Orders relating to door-to-door deliveries which the details of Consignee, Owner of Goods and Customs Broker should be completed.

The creation of Electronic Delivery Order will inform its Holder who will have the ability to transfer it to another new Holder. The last Holder of Electronic Delivery Order declares to the Owner of Goods to receive the identification code. The Owner of the Goods is informed electronically to confirm his details and to declare/ authorize a Customs Broker.

The Customs Broker is informed electronically of the pending electronic order to accept the authorization.

In case of door-to-door, an unique authentication code will be receive to the Holder of Electronic Delivery Order who should be notified the Owner of the Goods. The Owner will receive a relevant notification via mail which will contains a hyperlink for the relevant website where he must declare the acceptance of delivery  & the authorized Customs Broker.

With Electronic Delivery Order, it will be able to set up an Expiration Date beyond the expiration which is not possible to further process it while there is provision for the revocation of the Electronic Delivery Order.